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                                     ~ WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT OUR BEES ~

Earlier this year I spent a whole 2 days surrounded by bees. Buzzing bees, agitated bees, frenetic bees, and some very confused bees. It’s honey season in New Zealand and I was lucky to see first-hand, the goings on in an apiary, deep in orchard country.

Once I got over the initial fascination with the frenzy of noisy swarms around, the essence of the art of maintaining hives shone bright.Truly, where would we be without the little things. New Zealand would in essence, have no fruit to export or no miraculous Manuka honey to heal just about every Kiwi wound. 

The apiary I was shooting at, is one of the few in the country that exports live bees overseas. By the thousands, I saw them being packed away for a 15 hour flight to Canada, soon to provide some Canadian honeyfarmer his bread and honey.  So it’s not just prime cuts of meat that leave our shores to feed foreign lands, but little potent pollinators too. 

I finished shooting on day 2, sans any stings. My cameraman copped about 4 to the neck. “It’s good for you” the apiarists said. Of course they would.

(Images copyright: Kadambari Gladding)


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